We answer the most frequently asked questions about CEO x 1 Day:

Are post-graduate (masters or PhD) students eligible to apply for CEO x 1 Day?

Answer: The program is only open to 3rd and 4th year students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate university degree program.

Will I be informed if I am not chosen to move forward in the selection process?

Answer: Yes, applicants are notified at every stage of the process by email whether they have been selected to move ahead or not.

Can I be considered for more than one city? For example, if I am based in Montreal, is there an opportunity for me to be matched with a CEO in Vancouver?

Answer: On the application form, students should select the city that is most convenient for them to travel to if they were selected for the in-person interviews. Students will only be considered for a match with the CEOs in that city. Finalists would need to make an additional visit to the city for the final event with the CEO.

How do I know that my online application was accepted?

Answer: Once you click on the ‘Register’ button, the page will refresh and you will see this message: “Your application was successfully submitted. Thank you”. If you do not see this message, your application was not submitted. You will also receive an email confirmation from ceox1day@odgersberndtson.ca

What kinds of activities do participating companies plan for finalists?

Answer: Finalists have participated in a number of unique experiences during their day with a CEO including:

  • Attending an international toy show in New York City with the CEO
  • Attending the official opening of the Niagara Tunnel
  • Participating in an ‘earnings day’ where the company announces their results and the CEO fields questions from analysts and the media
  • Participating in the launch planning meeting for a yet-to-be released video game
  • Watching the broadcast of the 2014 Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies with the Director

How are winners selected?

Answer: There are specific criteria that students must meet to move through each phase of the program. The evaluation criteria for each phase can be viewed at http://ceox1day.ca/selection-process/.

I completed the Hogan Leadership Assessment Questionnaire in stage 2 of the selection process but I was not chosen to move ahead. Will I receive a copy of the Leadership Report?

Answer: Yes, students who completed the Hogan Leadership Assessment Questionnaire, but were not selected as semi-finalists, will receive their report by email when the finalists have been chosen.

I do not live close to any of the cities where the CEO x 1 Day program takes place (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa or Calgary). If I am selected as a semi-finalist or finalist, will my travel or accommodation costs be covered?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide reimbursement for travel, meal and accommodation expenses.

I have been selected as a semi-finalist; can I indicate which CEO I would like to be matched with should I become a finalist?

Answer: Students will be asked in the telephone interview stage which CEO they would prefer to be matched with, and these preferences will be taken into consideration, but the final decision rests with Odgers Berndtson. As experts in executive search, our partners and consultants will determine the best match for each CEO based on a student’s leadership profile, field of study and experience.

I have been selected as a finalist but the date for my CEO x 1 Day event will conflict with my class schedule, can the date be switched?

Answer:The date for each CEO x 1 Day event has been booked with the CEO’s organization months in advance and therefore it cannot be changed. If you have a conflict due to an exam or other school project, Odgers Berndtson would be pleased to provide a letter to the university outlining your involvement in the program. If you are selected as a finalist but are unable to attend the event on the day that has been scheduled with the CEO, we will have to give your spot to a semi-finalist.