Since CEO x 1 Day launched in 2013, over 30 university students have been matched with some of the country’s leading CEOs.

See what students have to say about
the experience:


Kaiz Alarakyia and Nitin Kawale, Cisco Canada

“The highlight of my day at Cisco was the one-on-one time with Nitin because I was able to dialogue with a truly successful leader and get honest and helpful responses to my questions. The activities during the day were fantastic, but I appreciated the opportunity to slow down and build rapport with Nitin through these conversations.”

Kaiz Alarakyia, Western University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Cisco Canada


Simon Bibeau and Yannis Mallat, Ubisoft

“Before my experience with CEO x 1 Day, my belief was that you had to possess a technical background in computer science or engineering to run a tech company. Spending the day at Ubisoft completely shredded that preconceived idea. I learned that the key to success for any CEO is surrounding yourself with a strong team of individuals with complementary skill sets. ”

Simon Bibeau, McGill University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Ubisoft


Michael Delplavignano and Saäd Rafi, TO2015

“In case studies at university, we often take on the role of a CEO and consider how we would solve a given problem, but this experience gave me an opportunity to see firsthand what a CEO does on a daily basis. Through our discussions, I got a chance to ask questions and Saäd gave me advice on leadership that you just can’t learn in a classroom.”

Michael Delplavignano, Western University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, TO2015


Manon Brouillette, Vidéotron and Katerina Fragos

“Learning what drives Manon and gaining her perspective will shape the way I lead in future. The experience far exceeded my expectations and the selection process was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even though the final round of interviews was a competition, the Odgers Berndtson team treated it more like a training workshop.I knew that even if I wasn’t selected, I would gain a new understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.”

Katerina Fragos, Concordia University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Videotron


Robert Frank and Marc Bertrand, Megabrands

“The day that I spent with Marc and all of the people at MEGA Brands was an opportunity I will never forget. One of the most meaningful aspects of the CEO x 1 Day experience for me was the Hogan Leadership Assessment. Having an objective evaluation of my strengths and leadership potential has given me a great deal of confidence as I embark on my career.”

Robert Frank, University of Ottawa, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, MEGA Brands


Eloïse Gagné and Thierry Vandal, Hydro Québec

“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with CEO x 1 Day. Each step of the selection process taught me lots about my leadership skills and limitations, and confirmed my interest in management. I also feel extra fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a day at Hydro-Québec with Thierry Vandal. It was very interesting to see what an average day is like for him, get a behind-the-scenes look at running a major company, and discuss the many projects that Hydro-Québec is working on at the Varennes research centre. ”

Eloïse Gagné, McGill University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Hydro Quebec


Elyse Allan, GE Canada and Charu Jaiswal

“I am definitely going to take the learnings from Elyse and the program and apply them to my career. I had the opportunity to see how a CEO can foster a culture of innovation and spending the day at GE Canada has confirmed that I want to work in an environment where I am allowed to learn, grow, and challenge the status quo.”

Charu Jaiswal, York University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, GE Canada


Jing Wen Luo and Patrick Nangle, Purolator Canada

“The highlight of the day was being asked to share my observations about Purolator’s culture with over 70 directors on a conference call. Patrick introduced me as the ‘Co-CEO for the Day’ and it meant a lot that he valued my opinion and trusted me with the opportunity to speak to his team.”

Jing Wen Luo, Brock University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Purolator Canada


Kristine Stewart, Twitter Canada and Samantha Sim

“CEO x 1 Day is a very valuable experience and a chance to be one-on-one with someone you admire. Having an opportunity to talk to Kirstine about her career has really made me think about the path I want to take after graduation. The CEO x 1 Day program taught me you can cross disciplines if you keep an open mind when opportunities arise.”

Samantha Sim, Ryerson University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Twitter Canada


Stephanie Spagnolo

“During my day at adidas Canada, I was involved in several meetings ranging from market pricing to product launches and pay equity discussions. This was especially appealing because it really challenged me to think about the complete business. Jim and his team routinely asked for my opinion throughout the day which made me feel incredibly valued.”

Stephanie Spagnolo, Queen’s University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, adidas Canada


Ellis Jacob, Cineplex Entertainment and Brandon Sun

“As a Finance and Accounting major, it was fascinating having the opportunity to shadow Ellis on a day that Cineplex reported their earnings. I learned a great deal about the importance of delivering a company’s key messages seeing Ellis interact with his executive team, the media and analysts throughout the day.”

Brandon Sun, York University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Cineplex Entertainment

“CEO for a Day has been a valued experience where I can actually see how an organization runs from the top and really understand an executive’s role. It has helped me set my goals for the future.”

Emma Donnelly, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Cisco Canada

“This is a really meaningful experience and you can develop a lot from it personally. You will learn more about yourself and I think that’s a great benefit when you are still in school.”

Mats van Kleef, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Ontario Power Generation

“I think this is an important initiative for students because it allows them to have the experience of the interview process,  meeting new people, finding out about themselves and the opportunities that are out there for them.”

Adam Clement, CEO x 1 Day Semi-Finalist

“What I found most exciting about the CEO for a Day program has been the application experience – going through all the different steps to where I am today. It has definitely built my interviewing skills and I’ve learned a lot about myself through the process.”

Chelsea Martin, CEO x 1 Day Semi-Finalist

“The most exciting aspect of the program for me is the opportunity to network with individuals who recruit executives within the C-suite. This opportunity allows me to see where my strengths and weaknesses are, and where I can improve.”

Renos Tryphonas,CEO x 1 Day Semi-Finalist

“I feel that CEO for a Day opens a door and gives students an opportunity understand what the process is for getting a job and learning what leadership is all about.”

Chris Handscomb, CEO x 1 Day Semi-Finalist